Question: Who can attend?

Answer: Any adult who wishes to continue learning may become a member by registering for any lecture series. There are no exams or term papers to write!

Question: Where and when are lectures held?

Answer: Current plans are to have hybrid delivery of BALL lectures; in-person at the Bayshore Community Centre with Zoom live-stream to those who prefer to watch from home.. Lecture Series are held from September through early April, on Thursday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to noon.  One time re-plays of Zoom Webinars are available, usually on the following Tuesday evening.

Special Lectures and Events may be held at different times depending on the requirement of the lecture or event.

Question: How much does a BALL membership cost?

Answer: The annual membership is included in the price of all Lecture Series tickets.

Question: For how long is a membership valid?

Answer: BALL’s membership fee is an annual fee and valid for one program year which extends from the Annual General Meeting in one year to the Annual General Meeting in the following year.

Question: Do I have to be a member to attend a lecture?

Answer: No. Special Lectures are open to non-members at a ticket price of $10 and can be purchased on-line.

Question: What do I get for my membership?

Answer: BALL membership entitles you to advance notice of upcoming lectures and events and to attend and vote at the BALL Annual General Meeting held in May. Plus, if BALL has your e-mail address, you will get news releases and reminders of opportunities to evaluate lectures.

Question: Do I have to be a member to sign up for a Lecture Series?

Answer: No, but since a membership fee is included in the price of all Lecture Series tickets, you will automatically become a member when you sign up for any Lecture Series.

Question: How much does a Lecture Series ticket cost?

Answer: Currently, Lecture Series passes cost $30 for a series of 4 lectures, $50 for a series of 6 lectures and $60 for a series of 8 lectures. Most Lecture Series consist of six lectures.

Question: How do I go about setting up a new account when I purchase my first tickets on-line?

Answer: From the BALL home webpage, click on the head-and-shoulders icon near the top right hand corner of the webpage.

2. . On the next screen, right below the "Sign in" button, click on "Create an account".

3. The next screen will allow you to enter your first and last names, email address and a password. You can re-use your old password if you wish or create a new password.

4. The system will then send you an e-mail to complete the account set-up. It will already have your name, address and phone number, but you can correct or update that information if it is not accurate or up to date.

5. Doing all this account setup before placing your first order will simplify the process when you do purchase your tickets online. Otherwise all these steps will have to be done when you place your order.

Question: If I forget my password to my BALL account, what do I do?

Answer: Follow these steps:

1. Click on the head-and-shoulders icon near the top right hand corner of the webpage.

2. The Login page appears.. Click on "Forgot your password?"

3. The "Reset Your Password" screen appears.  Enter your email address and click on "Submit".

You will receive an email with instructions for changing your password.

Question: Can I transfer my Lecture Series ticket?

Answer: Yes, you may transfer your series ticket to someone else for one or more lectures in a series and you are encouraged to do so when you cannot attend.

Question: How are lecture cancellations handled?

Answer: All cancellations will be posted as a Special Announcement on the HOME page of BALL’s website. Lectures presented as Zoom Webinars will consist of a short explanation of the reason for the cancellation and any re-scheduling plans, if known.

Question: What is your Lecture Series refund policy?

Answer: BALL does not offer refunds but you may transfer your ticket to someone else.

Question: Can I record a BALL lecture?

Answer: No. BALL does not permit members or guests to record lectures. BALL has been recording some lectures presented via Zoom, for a one-time re-play the next Tuesday evening from 7 pm to 9 pm. BALL will only be doing this when the lecturer has given us permission to record and re-play the lecture. Anyone who has purchased a ticket for the original lecture will be able to attent the Tuesday evening re-play as well at no additional cost.

Question: Who determines the lecture topics?

Answer: The Program Planning Committee takes suggestions from members, recommends general areas of interest for BALL’s lecture series to the Board and finds speakers who have the expertise to address the topics approved by the Board. The actual content of a lecture and opinions offered by a lecturer are his or her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of BALL.