Board Committees & Positions

The Finance Committee reviews all financial statements, fees and expenses to ensure prudent management of BALL’s resources and makes recommendations on financial management practices and budgeting for approval by the Board.

The Program Planning Committee develops programs for the next BALL year and looks for speakers and plans programs for future years. They prepare the program brochure each year and work closely with the Promotion Committee to distribute the brochure through the website, local media and publications. They work with the Facilities Coordinator to ensure all the A/V requirements are in place.

The Promotion and Marketing Committee develops plans to inform the public about learning opportunities available through BALL. They distribute posters and program brochures to libraries and other gathering places throughout Grey-Bruce, create media releases and liaise with local media to arrange interviews and publication of articles, etc. to promote each Lecture Series and Special Lectures.

The Social Committee purchases coffee, tea and water/juice and oversees the serving and clean up of these refreshments, during the coffee break at all lectures and the annual general meeting .

The Registration Committee prepares tickets for all online purchases, and sells tickets in person at the door

The Policy and Procedures Committee reviews the Board policies and BALL’s Constitution along with proposed changes. They make recommendations to the Board to approve policy changes and they make recommendations to members, attending the annual general meeting, to approve changes to the constitution.

The Website Committee populates and updates the website with content on lectures and speakers as required, creates evaluation forms for each lecture, sends out newsletters to members , inputs in person sales information and publishes special announcements concerning cancellation of a lecture or notice of sold out lectures.

The Chair presides at all board meetings and the Annual General Meeting (AGM), is the spokesperson for the Board, an ex officio member of all committees, a signing authority and chairs the nominating committee.

The Vice Chair acts in the absence of the chair, is a member of the nominating and policy committees, a signing authority and may be a member of any other board committee.

The Treasurer chairs the finance committee; is a signing authority; responsible for accounts receivable and payable, preparing the annual budget and year end financial statement, reviewing the insurance policy and maintaining a schedule of BALL assets and equipment.

The Registrar is responsible to collect fees from in-person registrations for series and special lecture tickets, prepare tickets for pick up by registrants at the registration desk, and report to the Treasurer on funds received.

The Secretary is responsible to record minutes of all Board meetings and the AGM; maintains a copy of the current Constitution and Board policies, all correspondence and copies of letters of Agreement and Lecturer’s confirmation.

The Facilities Coordinator is responsible to book space for lectures three calendar years in advance; ensure proper seating is in place for each lecture; communicate the speaker’s audio visual requirements to BALL’s A/V technician and maintain an inventory of all pieces of equipment and their book value.

The Chair of Program Planning, the Chair of Promotion and Marketing, the Chair of the Social Committee and the Chair of the Website Committee chair their respective committees. See Board Committees.

Members at Large attend all Board meetings and are also encouraged to join one of the Board committees.