Using Vimeo

** Is your Vimeo pausing or skipping? See the section on Settings below. **

BALL lectures are now live-streamed on Vimeo for those that can't make it to the live presentation. Replays will also be available on Vimeo.

You DO NOT have to join or login to Vimeo in order to watch live on Vimeo or a replay. You also don't have to download the Vimeo app, although for some devices it may work better than watching through a browser.

To watch live, or watch a replay, just click the appropriate link in the email or attached PDF that was sent to you when you purchased your series tickets. (Check the FAQs if you can't find it.) It should take you to a screen that looks something like this: 

*If you might want to ask the speaker a question, you should put your name in the "Join to Interact Box", and then press Join. This doesn't mean you've joined Vimeo, but rather the online conversation about the lecture. You'll then see a little Q&A option on the right side when the Vimeo window is NOT full screen.

A live stream should begin automatically.  If it's a replay, just click the triangular Play button, and you should be in business.

 Settings - How to get the best streaming experience

Broadcast Pauses, Skips, Spinning Circle Appears?
A simple fix that will likely solve the problem is to lower the video quality a bit. This will still look and sound just fine, and it should get rid of the pauses.
Click Settings (the little gear)
Click Quality. If it says 1080p, click on the next lower quality, 720p.
This should be enough, but if not try 540p, or Auto.

Can't Hear?  Adjust the volume slider on the Vimeo screen. Also adjust the volume on your device, and make sure it's not muted. You will also find a CC (Closed Captions) button in the Vimeo tools.

Can't See? Click the Full Screen button. To see the Q&A box, minimize the screen again - on many systems this can be done with the "Esc" key.

There are also settings for Quality (it may help to lower this if you have slow internet) and Playback Speed.

If you're watching the Replay instead of the livestream, use the Replay (Vimeo Showcase) link we sent you, not the live one. You won't have the Q&A option, but you can pause, skip ahead, go back, change the speed and more! You can watch it at your leisure, as many times as you want for a month after the end of the series.

Before the series begins, it's a good idea to try out Vimeo with this link!