Lecture Series 2024-2025

BALL's four Lecture Series for 2024-25 

"Information & Inspiration for the Inquisitive Mind"



Education in our Rapidly Changing World - Sept 12 to Oct 17, 2024

This series looks at how public schools should and could change, and explores how schools can prepare our children today for tomorrow’s challenges. There will be insights into the “fun of mathematics” and a celebration of outdoor learning. We will also welcome back Brian Carwana to explore the history of education and its links to religion. So much to learn!

  1. Sept 12 - Annie Kidder: Is Public Education the hidden solution to social, economic, and environmental ills?
  2. Sept 19 - Kelly Gallagher-Mackay: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Education
  3. Sept 26 - John Fearnell:  Media Literacy: A Cornerstone of Critical Thinking and a Challenge to Education Delivery
  4. Oct 3 - Deb Val and Deborah Diebel: Deep Roots: Outdoor Education in Bluewater
  5. Oct 10 - George Hart: Magic of Mathematics
  6. Oct 17 - Steve Sider: Fostering International- Mindedness and Global Competencies 
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    Critically Thinking about Important Issues - Oct 24 - Nov 21, 2024

    In this lecture series, Dr. Christopher DiCarlo – a philosopher, author, and
    educator – will examine and discuss a wide variety of topics dealing with some of
    the most important issues that face us today. These will be examined through the
    lens of Critical Thinking and range from the study of ethics, love, the social and
    political issues of abortion and euthanasia, the debate between evolution vs.
    creationism, the advancements of Artificial Intelligence, and how to deal with
    misinformation, disinformation, and conspiracy theories.

    1. Oct 24, 2024 - The ABC’s of Critical Thinking: An Introduction
    2. Oct 31, 2024 - Good vs. Evil - How Should I Behave?
    3. Nov 7, 2024 -  Abortion
    4. Nov 14, 2024 - Artificial Intelligence
    5. Nov 21, 2024 - Misinformation, Disinformation and Conspiracy theories
    6. Nov 28, 2024 - Euthanasia
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        A Global Quest for Dignity and Inclusion - January 9 to February 13, 2024

        Discover seven determined women who are working tirelessly to advocate for gender equality and empower women to be key stakeholders and participants when making decisions that affect their safety and well-being. Whether on a global, national or local scale, these women are tackling such vital issues to women as victimization by war and religion, domestic violence and sexual abuse, security implications of poverty, political intolerance, institutional and gender bias, catastrophic consequences of climate change on family sustainability and more. Each speaker will offer their unique insights on gender injustices and how their actions are making a real difference in creating a more equitable world for all. Join us and learn about these inspirational women and their mission for change.

        1. Jan 9, 2025  - Women, Peace and Security: What is it, and why does it matter?
        2. Jan 16, 2025  - Global Trends in Women's Employment
        3. Jan 23, 2025  - Situation of Women in Afghanistan, and Obligations of the International Community and Feminist Groups for Changing It
        4. Jan 30, 2025  - Women , Peace and Security at NATO
        5. Feb 6, 2025  - Missing and Murdered Women and Girls in Canada
        6. Feb 13, 2025  - Women, Peace  and Security in Grey Bruce;  Women’s Shelter Grey Bruce.
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          Addicted to Print: Reflections on the Joys of Reading

          Dr. Gary Draper

          We turn to reading for a host of reasons, from exploring some of the more challenging issues of the world around us, to escaping into a life and a world different from our own. Sometimes we are looking for information, sometimes for an engaging narrative, and occasionally just for the pure pleasure of well-tuned prose or poetry. Our tastes may vary over time, but some things will probably remain constant

           What can you learn when you examine your own history as a reader, from your earliest texts to what you read last week?

          1. Feb 27, 2025 - The Beginning
          2. Mar 6, 2025 - Escaping
          3. Mar 13, 2025 - Engaging & Stretching
          4. Mar 20, 2025 - Paying Attention to Form (1): Fiction
          5. Mar 27, 2025 - Paying Attention to Form (2): Poetry
          6. Apr 3, 2025 - Getting On
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