Series 2 - Corruption

28 Oct to 02 Dec 2021

This series will explore various aspects of corruption and illegal activity in Canada, and present some possible solutions and strategies to avoid its harmful effects.

Series Coordinators:

Gord Edwards

Gary Lewis

28 Oct 2021 -  An Introduction to Fraud and Corruption: An Investigator’s Perspective

This lecture takes a look at white collar crime in Canada and overseas. It will cover basic fraud concepts. We will look at the indicators, statistics and discuss the impact of the digital age. What are the common fraud schemes and examples? What happens during an investigation in the courtroom? We will discuss global fraud and corruption: money-laundering, bribery, terrorist financing and tax evasion along with the challenges faced in combating and responding to global crime.

We will end on a more positive note by explaining what is being done to combat these problems.

Peter Armstrong

Peter Armstrong is a Partner of KPMG LLP and a Senior Vice President of KPMG Forensic Inc. He is a forensic accountant with over 29 years of experience and is the KPMG Global Leader for their Corporate Intelligence business that focuses on conducting integrity and reputational due diligence, asset-tracing and gathering other intelligence on people and organizations. He assists organizations with fraud risk management. His international work experience has taken him to the United States, South America, the Caribbean, China, Indonesia, India and Bangladesh.