Special Lecture - 18 Oct 2021 - Le Grand Dérangement: A Forgotten Chapter in Canadian History

The Expulsion of the Acadians, the forced removal of over 12,000 men, women, and children from their homeland in the mid-18th century displaced an entire people to the far corners of the world, and forever altered the course of Canadian history. Yet, it is barely covered in schools, and all-but-forgotten in the minds of most. This lecture will explore this misunderstood tragedy, focusing on how it came to happen, how it affected the Acadian people who suffered through it, and why it rarely shows up in history books. Particular focus will be given to where the Acadians ended up, and how this event shaped their lives then, and that of their descendants now.

Leturer: Tyler LeBlanc

Tyler LeBlanc is a journalist, historian, and author from Nova Scotia’s South Shore. His research and writing focuses on using creative storytelling to explore and present history to new audiences. His first book, Acadian Driftwood: One Family and the Great Expulsion, published in 2020, follows the experience of his ancestors during the Expulsion. Trained in political science, history, and creative writing, he lives and works in Kjipuktuk (Halifax), Nova Scotia