Special Lecture - Specialized Drug and Mental Health Courts : A Pathway to Change

Oct 17, 2022

Zoom re-play 7:00 pm Oct 24

Note: This lecture will be presented remotely from Ottawa via Zoom. The presentation for the audience at the Bayshore will be the same as for the audience at home, projected on the auditorium's large screen.


Specialized Therapeutic Courts have been in existence in Canada since the late 1990's. Therapeutic Courts have become a fixture in the Canadian Legal system with therapeutic courts in existence across the Country to address youth and adult offenders with mental health challenges. Drug Treatment Courts have also been specifically created to address persons with drug addiction . It is important for everyone to have a better understanding of how these Courts work, the challenges they face and the significant contribution they make to ensuring that participants have a pathway to change. These Courts save lives and keep offenders from returning to the justice system .

Series Coordinator: 
Elizabeth Hines


 Lecturer - Heather Perkins-McVay

Justice Heather Perkins-Mcvey has been involved since prior to her appointment as a Judge of the Ontario Court of Justice in 2009 in the Ottawa Youth and Adult Mental Health Courts. Justice Perkins-Mcvey continues to oversee the Ottawa Drug Treatment Court as well as the Ottawa Mental Health Courts.