What's New With B.A.L.L. for Nov. 2022?

Current plans are to have hybrid delivery of BALL lectures; in-person at the Bayshore Community Centre with Zoom live-stream to those who prefer to watch from home.  However, the "Climate Crisis" lecture series will only be presented via Zoom.  That exception was made because some of the lecturers were only available by Zoom, because the majority of members have been attending via Zoom since September and because the winter weather is likely to decrease attendance at the Bayshore in January and February.

Only one ticket is needed for a household that intends to watch via Zoom. That ticket allows one person to attend in-person but one ticket is needed for each individual who intends to attend in-person.

Tickets will be sold on-line only.  There will be no ticket sales at the door.  There will be no single-admit tickets for individual lectures that are part of a lecture series.  In keeping with BALL policy, refunds are not available.

Current Covid protocols are as follows - Masking is not required but encouraged. Physical distancing is left up to individuals to maintain at their own comfort level. Feel free to use clothing etc to make the seat next to you a buffer. Proof of vaccination is not required but vaccination is preferred. If you are not feeling well, please stay at home.

Coffee will be available at the 11:00 break. Please bring your own mug

Everything is subject to change if the Covid situation changes.